Many people know that working in the construction trades is a dangerous job. What they might not realize is that construction zones are also hazardous to visitors and passers-by.

If you sustained injuries at a construction site, whether you were working, on the premises for another reason, or just nearby, you could be entitled to monetary damages. The specific circumstances will determine your legal options, so consult a Blair County construction accident lawyer soon after the incident that caused your injuries. A personal injury attorney could help you start a claim and pursue compensation.

Workers’ Rights Depend on Relationships

If a tradesperson was injured while employed at a construction site, he or she usually must turn to the Workers’ Compensation program for aid. The program provides free medical care and a weekly payment of a percentage of wages while an employee is unable to work. In general, workers give up the right to sue the employer in return for these benefits.

However, if the accident that led to the injury was caused by an independent contractor or someone other than a colleague who works for the same employer, the worker could bring an action against the third party. The injured individual could sue for a portion of the wages lost while out of work and for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

It is possible that a person might believe he or she is limited to the Workers’ Compensation benefits when, in fact, they actually have a viable third-party claim. It is always worthwhile to speak with a Blair County construction accident attorney to get clarity on the legal options available.

Construction Sites Present Numerous Hazards

People who live near building sites, or who must pass by or through them, are at risk of being injured in a construction accident. Often multiple companies have employees plying their trades at a construction site at the same time, all trying to meet deadlines and budgets. In these strained circumstances, it is easy for accidents to happen. Some common construction site dangers include:

  • Tripping hazards in walkways;
  • Falling tools or supplies;
  • Heavy equipment accidents;
  • Fires and explosions;
  • Toxic chemical spills;

Negligence, or a failure to use reasonable care, could be behind many construction accidents. The parties whose negligence led to the accident are liable to pay monetary damages to anyone who suffers an injury at a construction site.

Identifying Liable Parties After a Construction Accident

Because construction work often involves multiple workers from different companies working at the same site, it could be challenging for an injured person to identify who is responsible for the accident that caused his injury. An experienced construction injury attorney in Blair County could investigate to determine the liable parties. The investigation could include interviewing witnesses, subpoenaing records, examining contracts, and reviewing medical records, police reports, and other evidence.

There may be multiple parties whose negligence contributed to an incident. Depending on the circumstances, the site owner could bear some responsibility. The general contractor could have liability, and so could one or more subcontractors. Additionally, a manufacturer might be liable if equipment failure had a role in the accident.

Even an injured person who had a part in causing the accident could still collect damages. The state’s comparative negligence law, 42 P.S. § 7102, says that an injured person who was negligent could collect damages if the conduct was not the primary cause of the accident. However, his or her total damages will be reduced to reflect their degree of fault.

Trust a Blair County Construction Accident Attorney to Handle Your Claim

If you were injured at a construction site, you need an advocate who understands the industry. Determining liability for construction site accidents can be complicated, but that does not mean you should be denied the compensation you deserve.

A Blair County construction accident lawyer has the knowledge to identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable. Call today to schedule an interview with a capable advocate at Marcus & Mack.

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