Whether it happens in an auto accident, due to a defective consumer product or household fixture, or from inadvertent exposure to hazardous chemicals, a serious burn is one of the most painful and debilitating injuries that you can sustain from someone else’s misconduct. Unfortunately, injuries of this nature often make for complex civil claims as well, since it can be difficult to identify and accurately evaluate the harm your burn may continue to cause you after your case concludes.

Help from a Blair County burn injury lawyer could make all the difference in your prospects of securing a positive result to your lawsuit or settlement demand. From start to finish, your dedicated Blair County catastrophic injury attorney could tirelessly preserve your rights, advocate for your interests, and seek the best resolution your circumstances allow.

When Is Civil Litigation Possible After a Burn?

As with any other form of personal injury claim, burn injury litigation generally begins and ends with the injured party proving—or being unable to prove—that another person’s negligence was the direct cause of his or her damages. In this context, “negligence” is defined as a violation by the defendant of a “duty” owed to the plaintiff that directly causes physical injury to the plaintiff necessitating professional medical care.

Depending on the circumstances, some elements of negligence may be harder to prove in certain cases than in others. For example, even if the defendant causes the plaintiff to suffer a burn injury through obvious neglect, the costs and risks of litigation might not justify a lawsuit if the victim only sustained a minimal burn that requires only basic first aid or no follow-up medical care.

Likewise, while second-degree and third-degree burns always necessitate intensive medical care, it may not be possible to recover compensation for ensuing losses if there is not sufficient evidence showing the injury would not have occurred but for the defendant’s misconduct. Guidance from a skilled Blair County burn accident attorney could be essential to collecting relevant evidence, compiling it into a compelling claim, and tirelessly demanding fair restitution despite any and all opposition from defense counsel and/or insurance companies.

Recovering for All Available Damages After Getting Burned

A person who, through his or her own negligence, causes an injury of any kind to another person may be held financially accountable for every economic and non-economic consequence that results from that injury. In other words, it is often possible through burn injury litigation to recover not just for objective financial losses like medical bills and missed work income, but also subjective forms of harm such as physical pain, emotional trauma, and lost enjoyment of life.

Additionally, if a defendant’s conduct is reckless or actively malicious in nature, a civil court may elect to impose punitive damages against that defendant, potentially resulting in a greater case value for the plaintiff. However, these damages are only available in rare and extreme situations, as a burn injury lawyer in Blair County could explain in more detail.

Contact a Blair County Burn Injury Attorney Today

Burns are often exceptionally painful injuries that can often lead to long-term disfigurement and disability, especially if they cover a substantial portion of the body and/or cause damage to multiple layers of skin. If you were burned because another person acted negligently around you, seeking civil recovery from that at-fault individual could be crucial to protecting your future.

Working with a Blair County burn injury lawyer could significantly boost your chances of securing the financial restitution you deserve. Call today to schedule a meeting with Marcus & Mack.

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