Western PA Bus Accident Lawyer

When you suffer injuries in a bus accident, you need to focus on regaining your health. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to concentrate on healing while you are being hounded by insurance investigators and struggling to pay your medical bills.

A Western PA bus accident lawyer could handle the legal issues on your behalf so that you can work to move forward with your life. Bus company representatives may try to trick you into making statements or taking actions that deplete your right to recover compensation. Advice and representation from a personal injury lawyer could protect your interests as well as your peace of mind.

Bus Accidents Can Be Complicated

In many motor vehicle accidents, cars owned by private individuals collide, and liability is settled between two parties. When a collision involves a bus, however, liability may be much more complex. The driver, the company responsible for maintaining the bus, the company that trained or set employment policies for the driver, drivers of other vehicles, and passengers who may have interfered with the operation of the bus could all be found responsible.

When a bus is owned or operated by a government entity, which is the case with many school buses and public transit buses, the deadlines for taking action and requirements for filing a claim become more challenging to manage. The bus accident lawyers at Marcus & Mack are experienced in handling the complicated factors involved in bus accident cases, including investigating to determine the causes that lead to an accident and the parties who may be responsible.

How Compensation Could Help After a Bus Accident

In addition to medical bills, an injured driver or passenger may miss time from work, resulting in lost wages. Moreover, there are likely to be additional medical expenses in the future as well as the potential for reduced future income.

A bus accident lawyer in Indiana, PA could help obtain compensation for such consequences, as well as for intangible effects that do not translate directly into monetary terms. Whether a case settles after negotiations or proceeds to trial, compensation may account for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of favorite activities, emotional anguish, and other factors.

Why Is it Important to File a Bus Accident Claim Promptly?

Claims for compensation from a bus accident must be filed within two years, according to Pennsylvania law, 42 P.S. §5524. If someone tries to file a lawsuit after that time, the court is likely to dismiss the claim.

It is wise to take action long before the statutory limitation deadline approaches, however. The best opportunities to collect evidence to prove liability are shortly after the accident, and this becomes much more challenging as time passes. An Indiana, PA bus accident lawyer could secure evidence so that it is available for settlement negotiations or, if necessary, in court.

Contact an Experienced Western PA Bus Accident Attorney

It is not fair that those suffering injuries from a bus accident carry the burden alone. The responsible parties should be held accountable for the consequences of their actions. If you suffered injuries in a bus collision, contact us to speak schedule a free case evaluation and learn about your options for recovery with a knowledgeable Western PA bus accident lawyer.

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