Paralysis injuries can be life-altering and irreversible. A Western, PA paralysis injury lawyer may be able to analyze the circumstances that led to your injuries and determine the likelihood of success in a personal injury claim.

Motor vehicle accidents and falls are common sources of paralysis injuries, but other situations can lead to these catastrophic injuries as well. Proving that negligence caused your injuries is not always as straightforward a task as you might think. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney could help gather evidence and build a strong claim for compensation on your behalf.

Are There Different Types of Paralysis?

Paralysis can take various forms, including paraplegia (paralysis from the waist down) and quadriplegia (paralysis of the arms, legs, and trunk). In other cases, individuals may have partial paralysis that impairs their body functions and limits their mobility, or facial paralysis, which can impact the ability to speak and swallow. Any paralysis is likely to have significant effects on the lives of individuals, especially if the condition is permanent.

Many circumstances can lead to paralysis, but some situations more commonly cause these types of injuries than others. For instance, motor vehicle accidents may lead to spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis. Construction and other workplace accidents, such as falls from scaffolding and other heights, can cause spinal cord and paralysis injuries, as can defective products. Heavy machinery used on farms and in industrial settings are potential causes of paralysis injuries. Individuals who have suffered paralysis injuries in one of these ways should consult with a paralysis injury lawyer in Indiana, PA

Evidence in a Paralysis Claim

Evidence in a paralysis case includes witness statements describing what happened. When there is physical evidence, such as video or photographs depicting the scene, that evidence is introduced.

There might be evidence of prior incidents that took place. On a premise case, if someone is injured on another’s property and a similar incident had happened previously, it may be admissible to show notice of the condition.

Medical records and doctors’ opinions relative to the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment are also important evidence. Testimony from an economist can be presented regarding the victim’s past lost wages and future lost earning capacity. All of that evidence collectively is designed to prove the case.

How Does a Lawyer Collect and Present Evidence?

A seasoned paralysis lawyer in Western, PA begins collecting and presenting evidence by having a discussion with the injured party to understand his or her life circumstances. Since each doctor or facility maintains its own files, the only way to obtain medical records is to talk to the claimant and make written requests for medical records from every facility at which he or she treated.

The same is true for the financial issues. If the claimant is missing work and losing wages, the lawyer has to know what they earned before the accident and gather the applicable documents, such as tax returns and pay stubs. Attorneys rely on the claimant to provide information regarding their injuries and damages.

Damages in Paralysis Injury Claims

Many forms of paralysis are permanent and require lifelong medical treatment, assistance with daily activities, and 24-hour care in some instances. When negligence has led to an accident resulting in paralysis, injury victims may be able to recover damages to help pay for their innumerable losses and expenses.

Various forms of compensation may be available in paralysis injury cases. Damages may include:

  • Current medical bills and estimated costs of future medical care;
  • Assistive mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, scooters, and modifications to vehicles, such as installation of wheelchair lifts;
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity due to an inability to work; and
  • Modifications to residences to make them accessible, such as ramps and widening of doorways.

Compensation may also be available for pain, suffering, and the emotional trauma that often accompanies such catastrophic injuries. Individuals may also need assistance with the costs of rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and more. Pursuing a claim with a personal injury lawyer could be necessary to obtain the services and medical care that injury victims need in this situation.

These are only some of the potential damages that injury victims may be able to seek through a paralysis injury claim. Individuals living with these injuries due to the negligence of others may wish to reach out to a skilled paralysis injury attorney in Indiana, PA for guidance about their legal options.

Call an Pennsylvania Paralysis Injury Attorney for Advice

If you or a family member have experienced traumatic injuries such as paralysis due to the wrongdoing of others, you might be entitled to compensation. Due to the time limits that exist for filing personal injury claims, you should take care to contact us to speak with a Western, PA paralysis injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack as quickly as practicable. Otherwise, you risk losing your chance to seek compensation and hold others accountable for their wrongful actions.

With the help of legal counsel, you may be able to identify all potentially liable parties and adequately document the expenses and losses that you have incurred. Legal guidance may enable you to explore all possible remedies in your case and make informed decisions about the best course of action for you and your family.

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