Being able to drive is an exciting part of being a teenager. However, with this important milestone comes some serious risks as novice motorists are more likely than experienced drivers to get involved in vehicle collisions.

If you were injured in a teen driving accident in Johnstown, you may be wondering about your legal options for recovery, especially if the driver is under 18. Our accomplished Johnstown vehicle wreck attorneys could review your case and help you put together a comprehensive damages claim.

Driving Requirements for Teenagers

Novice drivers can submit their application for their learner’s permit up to six months before their 16th birthday. This often occurs after taking a driver’s education course. With a learner’s permit, new drivers must complete 65 hours of adult-supervised learning, including no less than ten hours of night driving and at least five hours of driving in poor weather conditions.  A permittee must drive under the permit for at least six months before taking a test for a license.

In order to receive a junior license, a teen must complete both a written and driving test after completion of these requirements.

What are Risks Associated with Teen Motorists?

The main reason adolescent drivers are prone to getting in vehicle wrecks in Johnstown is due to inexperience. They may be unaware of how to handle different dangers on the road or make riskier decisions behind the wheel.

One of these riskier behaviors commonly associated with teen motorists is cell phone use. From texting to scrolling through social media sites, distraction behind the wheel can result in devastating collisions. Furthermore, teenagers may get distracted by other vehicle occupants or drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Additionally, in the event of poor weather conditions or reckless driving by others on the road, a novice driver may be ill-prepared to effectively avoid a collision. It is for this reason that parents and guardians are encouraged to teach teenagers how to navigate dangers on the road.

Car Wreck Claims Involving Minor Drivers

If a teenager under the age of 18 is involved in a vehicle wreck in Johnstown through the fault of someone else, he or she cannot bring a case on his or her own. The case would have to be filed through the victim’s parent or guardian. Additionally, at the end of a personal injury lawsuit or claim involving a minor, the parent/guardian has to obtain court approval and have the funds place in a special court-protected account that he or she cannot access until the minor turns 18. In order to access these funds before the teen reaches 18 years old, the parent must file a petition with the court and identify a legitimate need for the funds, such as medical or educational expenses.

Work with a Johnstown Attorney After a Teen Driving Accident

In order to fully recover after a teen driving accident in Johnstown, you want to work with an attorney who is well-versed in personal injury claims. Our lawyers at Marcus & Mack focus on personal injury claims and could use our experience to help you successfully negotiate settlements and pursue cases involving minors. Your initial consultation is always free, so call now.

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