The hydraulic fracturing of underground rocks and fissures to enable the release and collection of oil and natural gas, more commonly called “fracking,” is becoming an increasingly significant industry in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, that industry is not without its risks to workers and to people around the areas where fracking occurs, not just due to workplace accidents but also the harmful health conditions that exposure to fracking chemicals and contaminated wastewater can cause.

If you were hurt on the job or contracted a serious illness during your work in the fracking industry, a DuBois fracking accident lawyer may be able to help. With guidance from a DuBois attorney who knows how to handle sensitive cases like yours, you could rest assured that your future interests and financial security are in capable hands.

How Do Fracking Workers Get Hurt on the Job?

There are few industries more consistently dangerous than those dealing with the extraction and processing of combustible materials like natural gas and oil. Even a small mistake or violation of safety procedures can turn an average workday into an explosive catastrophe, potentially causing life-changing injuries to multiple workers at once. As in other industrial environments, equipment malfunctions and negligent machinery maintenance or use can leave even diligent workers with unexpected injuries.

Perhaps even more deadly than these sudden and traumatic incidents are the more subtle effects that consistent exposure to dangerous industrial chemicals and materials can have on a person’s body. Whether it comes in the form of contaminated water, pollutants in the air, or a mixture of both, work on a fracking site can lead to symptoms like nosebleeds, nausea, and headaches in the short term, and potentially much more severe diseases in the future. A DuBois fracking injury attorney could provide irreplaceable assistance with pursuing fair financial restitution for any injury or sickness related to this kind of work.

Recovery Options After Hydraulic Fracturing Accidents

The pathways available to a fracking worker injured on the job in Pennsylvania may vary depending on exactly who is to blame for a particular incident. Like almost all employers in the Commonwealth, fracking companies are required by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage to all their employees. Regardless of who is at fault for a work-related injury or illness, an impacted employee could possibly seek compensation for medical expenses, a percentage of lost wages, and certain long-term disability benefits through a workers’ compensation claim.

Conversely, if negligence by a third party, like a contractor or an equipment manufacturer, directly leads to a fracking accident, that individual or entity could bear civil liability for the full value of an injured worker’s economic and non-economic damages. A discussion with a hydraulic fracturing accident lawyer in DuBois could be essential to answering key questions about a particular scenario and determining the best course of action for a specific worker.

Get in Touch with a DuBois Fracking Accident Attorney

Fracking is a growing industry across the United States, but it is also an exceptionally dangerous one to work in. If you became injured or ill due to working conditions you encountered on a fracking site, demanding fair compensation for all your recoverable losses might be critical to protecting your best interests both now and in the years to come.

A knowledgeable DuBois fracking accident lawyer could provide more information about your legal rights and possible next steps during a confidential consultation. Call Marcus & Mack today to schedule yours.

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