Sharpening Your Driving Skills Can Prevent Traffic Accidents

Sharpening Your Driving Skills Can Prevent Traffic Accidents

Many drivers in Pennsylvania have been driving long enough to be become comfortable with the road. But when driving becomes repetitive, motorists tend to take their mind off the task.

That’s why Pennsylvania motorists should take the time to assess their driving skills  every so often. Correcting careless mistakes and sharpening your driving skills can keep the roadways safer.


Take the time to go back to the basics by revisiting the rules that were required to pass your driving test. Make sure you are signaling at every turn and coming to a full stop at stop signs.

In order to change lanes safely, your mirrors should be properly adjusted and you should make sure that you’re using your turn signals.

Driving at night

Driving at night, especially on Pennsylvania’s winding rural roads, can be challenging. Be courteous when using your high beams. If you see any oncoming traffic, turn them off. If an oncoming motorist fails to do so, you should never stare directly into the light. Instead, you should look to the right of the road and follow the painted edge line or other roadside landmark until the vehicle passes. You can also briefly flash your high beams as a reminder to the oncoming motorist to shut off his or her high beams.

Additionally, you should maintain a safe speed and keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Keeping a safe distance can give you enough time to react if the vehicle in front of you comes to a stop. Be on the lookout for oncoming vehicles by watching for lights on hilltops, around curves and at intersections.

Other aspects of safe driving

Most Pennsylvania drivers obtained their licenses when they were teenagers. For some, this was decades ago. That’s why it’s wise to take a driving refresher course every 10 years to fix careless habits and sharpen driving skills.

Pennsylvania drivers should also learn how to navigate roundabouts. According to PennDOT, the state will install more roundabouts in the coming years. Unlike intersections, roundabouts have fewer conflicting points and require slower speeds.

Sharpening your driving skills and practicing responsible habits on the road can reduce your chances of being injured in a traffic accident on Pennsylvania roadways. Unfortunately, not all drivers do the same. No matter how skilled you are at driving, you can only control yourself, and you can’t always avoid negligent motorists.

In the event of a crash, you may be eligible for compensation for any injuries sustained.  Contact a personal injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack to further discuss your options.

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