Dangers of Drunk Drivers in Pennsylvania

Dangers of Drunk Drivers in Pennsylvania

Drunk driving is a common problem on Pennsylvania roads, putting countless lives at risk.

Law enforcement officers do their best to catch those who get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. But unfortunately, too many drunk drivers slip under the radar. And those who drive responsibly are put in harm’s way.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) reports that 29 lives are lost each day in the United States due to drunk driving. This accounts for an average of one death every 50 minutes.

According to Driving Tests, there are ways responsible drivers can prevent being injured by a drunk driver.


Drunk drivers are unpredictable and you could be sharing that road with one at any given time. Practicing awareness and defensive driving procedures can go a long way toward protecting you and your loved ones from a crash caused by a drunk driver.

1. Wear your seat belt: Buckling up may not prevent an accident, but it will reduce the chances of being severely injured.
2. Keep a safe distance: If you notice another driver veering, weaving or driving erratically, it’s best to keep your distance. If you notice an erratic driver speeding behind you, pull over and let him or her pass. Contact law enforcement immediately and alert them of a possible drunk driver.
3. Use caution at intersections: A drunk driver may run a red light or may not stop when traffic slows down.
4. Avoid driving late at night: The vast majority of drunk driving accidents happen late at night, especially on weekends. If you must drive late at night, do so with caution.
5. Be careful during holidays: Holiday celebrations often result in an upsurge of drunk drivers. Fortuantely, there is usually a heavy presence of law enforcement during these times.
6. Have a sober designated driver: If you must consume alcohol, it’s best to have a sober friend who can drive. If you are a passenger in a vehicle with a drunk driver, you run the risk of being injured in an accident.

While Pennsylvania drivers can do their best to keep our roads safer, there is no guarantee that others will do the same. The reality is that defensive driving, as important as it is, cannot prevent crashes caused by negligent, irresponsible and intoxicated drivers.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident with a drunk driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Contact an experienced Pennsylvania auto accident attorney who will fight for justice, so you can focus on recovery.

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