Dangerous ‘Bird Box’ Challenge & Recent Car Accidents

Dangerous ‘Bird Box’ Challenge & Recent Car Accidents

It’s an unfortunate situation, but we see distracted driving all the time. We drive next to someone, and they’re looking down at their phones or turning around to talk to a friend in the car with them.

How would you react, though, if you were driving and saw the driver of another vehicle wearing a blindfold?

While you would think that it’s a no-brainer that nobody should be doing this, it’s something that has unfortunately happened thanks to what individuals have labeled the ‘Bird Box’ challenge.

What Is the ‘Bird Box’ Challenge and What Problems Exist?

In the Netflix Original movie–at the beginning of which is a warning to not attempt anything while blindfolded–the characters live parts of their lives with a blindfold on to prevent seeing a mysterious entity that causes anyone who sees it to eventually commit suicide. This has unfortunately led to individuals trying to complete everyday tasks in the same manner.

As a result? Videos have shown up online of individuals driving while blindfolded. This is a dangerous act that has already proven to be a problem, as a teen in Layton, Utah caused a serious collision while driving blindfolded.

The 17-year-old driver swerved into oncoming traffic while driving with a 16-year-old passenger.

Across multiple media platforms, internet figures have also done the same. YouTube has issued a ban on all videos of individuals trying to drive with a blindfold covering their eyes.

You wouldn’t think that a warning would be necessary, but officials are urging individuals to avoid driving with their eyes covered in an attempt to complete this challenge.

This is a new level of distracted driving and has already shown the devastating effects it can have. Don’t try to attempt this challenge as it could result in significant injuries to all parties involved in a collision.

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