While most of the prescription and over-the-county drugs people take effectively perform their intended functions, if an error occurs, these drugs can become dangerous for consumers. Whether it is a defect in the drug itself, or an error that occurs during the manufacturing process, using a harmful medication can have devastating, even deadly results.

If you or a loved one suffered harmful side-effects after consuming a defective pharmaceutical drug, a local personal injury attorney could determine if you are eligible to receive compensation for the resulting losses. A seasoned Blair County dangerous drugs lawyer could be your advocate during settlement negotiations or through trial.

What Makes a Medication Dangerous?

The term “dangerous drug” is used to describe a manufactured pharmaceutical substance that may harm the person for whom the medication is intended, due to some type of defect with the drug or omissions on its warning labels

Depending on the severity and cause of a consumer’s harm, a defective medication could drastically impact his or her daily life and result in him or her experiencing a lifelong affliction. In turn, such losses can lead to the harmed consumer incurring extensive costs for medical care and treatment, resulting in him or her facing a substantial financial burden in addition to physical and emotional anguish. By consulting with a seasoned attorney in Blair County who has experience in pharmaceutical litigation, an individual suffering losses from using a defective drug could determine whether he or she is eligible to receive compensation.

Common Types of Defective Drug Claims

Depending on their unique facts, personal injury cases involving unsafe medications are considered either product liability or medical malpractice cases. Although some elements of each can be fairly similar, each type of lawsuit has very particular requirements to file successfully.

For example, in cases where several people are harmed due to their use of a defective drug, a class action lawsuit may be filed so that all parties can bring their grievances under one lawsuit against the same party. Most commonly in defective drug cases, a class action lawsuit will be filed as a product liability claim, alleging that the manufacturing of a defective pharmaceutical is the responsible party. However, in other cases a class action lawsuit for medical malpractice could be filed if the same healthcare provider harms several individuals in the same way due to the negligent prescription of a harmful medication.

It is important to speak with an experienced attorney in Blair County to determine how to best proceed with a harmful medication claim.

Seek Help from a Blair County Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

With the vast number of pharmaceuticals currently available on the market today, ensuring you are legally protected in instances of defective drug use can be vital to effectively recovering damages. Whether a dangerous drug claim arises from a case of medical malpractice due to a physician improperly prescribing it or product liability due to faulty manufacturing, you could obtain financial compensation for your losses.

Trying to file a lawsuit against a large pharmaceutical company or healthcare service provider may seem like an overwhelming and nearly impossible task. However, obtaining a Blair County dangerous drugs lawyer could help you achieve a positive resolution. Call the office of Marcus & Mack today.

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