For years, authorities and safety experts have warned about the dangers of texting while driving, yet irresponsible drivers continue to pay more attention to cellphones than they do to the road. The result is vehicle accidents that could cause severe injuries.

If you were injured in a texting while driving accident in Blair County, you could hold the reckless driver responsible for your losses. Consult with one of the experienced car crash attorneys at our firm as soon as possible to learn about your legal options.

Texting While Operating a Vehicle Is Illegal

Pennsylvania state law,  75 P.S. § 3316, prohibits texting while driving in all parts of Pennsylvania, including Blair County. It forbids a driver to use a wireless communication device to read, write, or send written messages while a vehicle is in motion. Violating the law is a misdemeanor and the penalty is a $50 fine, but a conviction does not add points to a violator’s license.

Perhaps because the consequences of getting a ticket for texting while driving are trivial, many drivers ignore the ban. However, if a texting driver causes an accident, the repercussions could be severe for the driver and for any injured individuals.

If you were in a crash and believe the driver was texting, contact a well-practiced lawyer immediately. The at-fault driver must pay the damages of anyone who suffers losses in an accident. Proof that a driver was texting when the accident occurred could be persuasive evidence of fault.

Seeking Damages After a Texting While Driving Wreck

A person bringing a lawsuit seeking damages (a plaintiff) must prove that someone else (a defendant) contributed to the incident that caused the injury through negligence. Proving negligence in Blair County requires an attorney to demonstrate that the defendant failed to uphold a duty to the plaintiff and the failure was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

A driver who was texting while driving in Blair County violated a law enacted to ensure others’ safety. Doing so might be considered negligence per se, meaning that the plaintiff need not prove all the elements of negligence. The plaintiff must prove only that the driver was texting when they caused the collision.

If the police issued the driver a citation for violating the texting while driving prohibition, the ticket could be proof of negligence per se. If the driver did not get a ticket, a proactive legal professional could subpoena his or her cell phone records to establish texting activity at the time of the wreck.

A Skilled Attorney Could Help Following Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Blair County

Texting while driving causes unnecessary crashes and injuries, and everyone knows it. Drivers who cause harm to others while ignoring the law must be held accountable for his or her careless actions.

If you were injured in a texting while driving car accident in Blair County, a loyal and tenacious attorney could help you pursue justice. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with one of the dedicated legal professionals at Marcus & Mack.

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