Pennsylvania has many amusement parks throughout the state that attract thousands of state residents and out-of-state visitors every year. Fortunately, most of the parks have laudable safety records stretching back decades. However, injuries can occur inside theme parks—and when they do, they often result in devastating injuries to those involved.

An injury stemming from negligence by theme park staff or management could justify civil litigation that a seasoned premises liability attorney at our firm could help you pursue. An Altoona amusement park accident lawyer who has experience with this unique kind of claim could fight to ensure you get the fair and comprehensive compensation that you deserve for your losses.

When Is Litigation Against an Amusement Park Possible?

Like many other businesses where inherent risks exist, amusement parks craft long waivers (often printed on an admission ticket or signage) that attempt to absolve them of all responsibility for injuries on the premises. However, these waivers are not always enforceable, and they generally do not cover situations where a park employee, manager, or owner’s gross negligence causes harm to a guest.

If someone directly affiliated with a theme park, or a third party like a ride manufacturer, inspector or supplier, violates the duty of care they owe to each and every paying customer, they could bear liability for ensuing losses. That is why a conversation with an Altoona accident lawyer is a good idea following any kind of incident at a theme park.

Filing Deadlines for Theme Park Injury Claims

Any employee or company found liable for causing harm to an amusement park guest could bear financial accountability for all ensuing losses that result.  This includes all economic damages like medical bills and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and decreased quality of life. However, a plaintiff who waits too long after getting hurt to begin the litigation process may be unable to obtain monetary damages even with substantial evidence on her side.

This is because of 42 P.S. §5524, which sets a filing deadline of two years for an injured person to file suit after an injury caused by negligence occurs. Failing to retain an Altoona theme park attorney promptly after an accident can make it challenging to build a comprehensive claim within the time limit set by the state’s statute of limitations.

An Altoona Amusement Park Accident Attorney Could Help

Every person who works for and/or operates a theme park has a legal duty to take reasonable care of the property to protect park guests from avoidable harm. A failure to meet this obligation directly resulting in a person’s injury could serve as legal grounds for financial recovery.

Representation from an Altoona amusement park accident lawyer could be essential to protecting your rights in this kind of situation. Learn more by calling the dedicated team of attorneys at Marcus & Mack today.

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