Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Altoona?
Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Altoona

Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Altoona?

Whether you are driving down 10th Avenue or Route 764, car accidents can occur at any time on any of these roadways. As the area’s population grows and the number of trucks increases on the highways, main roadways, and even residential neighborhoods, the risks of accidents continue to rise.

No matter where a car crash happens, always consult an Altoona car accident lawyer if you suffer injuries. You might have important rights to compensation, so never wait to learn about your options and who you can hold liable for your medical bills and other losses.

Where Many Accidents Occur on Altoona Roadways

Why Do Car Accidents Occur in Altoona

Numerous locations throughout the city are known for car accidents. For example, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur in residential areas around 29th Street and 7th Avenue, where speeding and traffic violations frequently happen.

Other areas of concern include Pleasant Valley Boulevard, which has had several accidents over the last few years. These collisions are sometimes multi-vehicle accidents involving a chain reaction with one vehicle striking another.

The area of I-99 in Blair County is problematic, especially when traffic backs up and causes numerous people to rush home to slam on their brakes. Other times, too many vehicles on the road can block the intersections, leading to deadly accidents. The area of the Pinecroft exits at Forge Road is particularly hazardous for these kinds of collisions, though they can occur in any area of the city.

Other areas of potential risk for drivers include:

  • 10th Avenue
  • 17tg Street Expressway
  • 9th Avenue
  • Chestnut
  • Route 764

Accidents can happen on any street in Altoona. Never let your guard down, no matter where you drive.

According to a survey from insurance quote company QuoteWizard, Altoona has the worst drivers in the state. The number of accidents and incidents reported on the city’s streets determines this statistic. Knowing why these areas are hazardous is critical to understanding the risks to Altoona’s roadways.

Why Do Car Accidents Occur in Altoona?

Where Many Accidents Occur on Altoona Roadways

There are multiple reasons why car accidents happen in Altoona.

As a residential and commercial center, accidents can happen due to:

  • Distracted driving: One of the most common causes of car accidents in Altoona is distraction, which can occur for multiple reasons. That includes using phones or navigational devices, talking, eating, or even applying makeup while driving.
  •  Aggressive driving: In numerous instances, aggressive driving can lead to accidents in this area. That may include speeding, brake checking, or merging inappropriately and causing an accident.
  • Reckless driving: Speeding or failing to signal when turning are reasons a car accident can occur in this region. Driving too fast down the area’s residential side streets or missing stop signs is a common concern.
  •  Intoxication: The use of drugs or alcohol while operating a vehicle can create an increased risk of accidents, including alcohol, as well as the use of illicit or prescription drugs.
  •  Inexperience: Altoona and the surrounding region have a high density of younger drivers due to the colleges in the area. This lack of experience can make it more likely for a car accident to occur.
  • Weather conditions: Altoona experiences its fair share of bad weather, including snow, ice, and wind. These factors can impact the safety of roadways. Even when maintained by the city or county, drivers who lack experience in these situations can cause dangerous risks.
  • Road conditions: Changing weather conditions and increased use of roadways in the city have led to numerous areas of damage. Potholes, for example, can cause accidents. In some situations, the driver is responsible if they navigate these areas without proper care.

In many situations, car accidents in Altoona are preventable. If individuals had followed the state’s laws on the roadway, they might have avoided causing injuries and losses. Failure to follow the rules and regulations of the road can lead to costly accidents for which the at-fault driver is responsible.

Truck Accidents Can Be a Factor as Well

Like many other larger communities, Altoona has many trucks on the roadways. Those trucks may enter the area and leave from some industrial parks and locations, but they can also make deliveries to the restaurants and shops in the city.

Increasing the number of trucks on side streets and in residential areas is also a common concern in some regions of Altoona. That is partly due to the booming e-commerce industry, in which more people have products delivered to their homes rather than going to stores. Big trucks on these small residential streets can create dangerous situations.

What Should You Do After You Are in a Car Accident in Altoona

After your car accident, emergency medical care, and filing of a police report, protecting your right to compensation is critical. To do that, never wait to contact a trusted car accident lawyer in Altoona to discuss your case.

If another driver’s actions caused your injuries and losses, they should repay you.

When you seek a free consultation, a car accident attorney will determine:

  • What caused the accident?
  • Who are all parties involved or responsible for the accident?
  • What type of losses did you suffer, including economic and non-economic?
  • How will this accident impact your future?

Our car accident attorneys will file a claim for the maximum compensation you deserve and then pursue total and fair payment for those losses. No matter why the incident occurred or which roads in Altoona are the most dangerous, your lawyer’s goal is to give you the legal support you need to fight back against the losses you are facing.

Even if you are unsure if someone else is responsible for the accident or if you may be partially at fault, you should never hesitate to contact an experienced legal team in the area.

Dangerous intersections throughout the city put people and lives on the line. Let a personal injury attorney help you address those intersections and fight for the compensation you deserve after an accident damages your future.

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