As a notorious “college” town, State College has many lodging options for visitors looking to tour campus, attend an athletic event, or just visit with a student for the weekend. Fortunately, most accommodations in the area provide safe and secure facilities for their guests to enjoy. Unfortunately, the handful that do not can cause serious harm to visitors that may result in grounds for legal action.

If you were hurt as a result of negligent property management or upkeep by a hotel manager or Airbnb or VRBO type of owner, you may have a right to pursue monetary damages. A knowledgeable State College hotel accident lawyer is prepared to help you file a civil claim. Once retained, your dedicated premises liability attorney could work to secure the maximum possible restitution for your losses.

Possible Grounds for a Hotel Injury Claim

Like any other property owner or manager in Pennsylvania, hotel operators in State College have a legal obligation to maintain reasonably safe premises for all lawful visitors and paying guests. Any unsafe condition that stems directly from a facility owner or employee’s reckless or careless conduct could justify a personal injury lawsuit.

A few common sources of injuries in hotels for which seasoned State College attorneys pursue compensation for include:

  • Slipping or tripping accidents caused by broken or uneven walking surfaces, loose stairwell or balcony railings, or insufficient lighting;
  • Poor maintenance inside rooms leading to injuries from falling fixtures, exposed pipes or wires, or sharp objects that cause lacerations;
  • Bedbug and other pest infestations;
  • Pool accidents;
  • Lack of security leading to assaults or robberies.

Anyone injured under these or any other circumstances caused by a hotel’s negligence may be able to seek damages, not only for economic losses like medical bills, but also non-economic forms of harm such as pain and suffering.

Proving a Hotel is Responsible for an Accident

Demonstrating the presence of those elements in a particular case can often be complicated. Extensive medical documentation, witness testimony, and even footage from surveillance cameras may be necessary to establish that an injury actually occurred on hotel property. It can be equally difficult to prove a causal link between a hotel’s breach of a duty of care and the occurrence of those injuries.

Fortunately, though, Pennsylvania law allows individuals injured by a hotel employee’s misconduct to file suit not only against that particular individual, but also against that individual’s employer. Under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, a company or corporation may be held civilly liable for negligent actions by one of their employees, often based on that company’s negligent hiring practices or its failure to provide proper training or oversight of their employees on the job. A hotel accident lawyer in State College could help identify all responsible parties following a specific accident during a free, confidential consultation.

Reach Out to a State College Hotel Accident Attorney

Pursuing civil compensation following an injury sustained on hotel property often requires substantial evidence compiled into a comprehensive and compelling settlement demand or lawsuit. Without support from an accomplished legal professional, you may have difficulty getting any restitution at all from your case, let alone the amount you deserve for all your past and future damages.

Representation from a State College hotel accident lawyer at Marcus & Mack could be crucial to protecting your future prospects. Call today to schedule an initial meeting.

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