Reckless and careless motor vehicle drivers alike collide with thousands of pedestrians in Pennsylvania every year, many of whom suffer serious injuries as the result of another’s misconduct. Unfortunately, joggers are at an especially high risk of being hurt this way since they move faster than the average pedestrian and often—as is their legal right—run on the sides of roads or on sidewalks next to them.

If you recently went for a run and were subsequently struck by a negligent driver, you should seek help from a knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible. A State College jogger/runner accident lawyer could provide the guidance and support you need to secure a favorable resolution and the financial compensation you deserve from your lawsuit or settlement demand.

Recoverable Damages After Jogger Accidents

Because pedestrians have almost no external protection from vehicle impacts, runner accidents in State College almost always have far worse consequences for the joggers than for the drivers who hit them. Soft tissue injuries and bone fractures in the legs and pelvis are common in incidents like this, as are potentially life-altering injuries like spinal cord trauma, internal organ damage, and traumatic brain damage.

The financial value of a civil claim following such an accident depends on the specific injuries and subsequent financial and personal losses a particular person sustains. Damages that a State College jogger and runner accident attorney could help factor into a claim may include:

  • Past and future costs of medical/rehabilitative treatments
  • Lost wages and future loss of earning capacity
  • Home/vehicle modifications and other expenses necessitated by a newfound permanent disability
  • Physical and emotional suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of overall quality/enjoyment of life

These are just a few of the more common losses that injured individuals experience following an accident. In rare cases involving reckless or egregious conduct by the defendant, a court may choose to impose punitive damages—additional monetary awards for the plaintiff used to punish the negligent party.

Are Drivers Always to Blame for Striking Runners?

It may seem logical to assume that the driver is always the one to blame for this kind of accident, since joggers are at far greater risk of sustaining injuries in car collisions than drivers. While it is true that the majority of pedestrian injury claims arise from a motor vehicle operator’s misconduct, it is not unheard of for an injured runner to be found partially or even primarily liable for his or her own injuries.

If a jogger ran out into the road in front of an oncoming car, crossed the road without a walk signal and/or outside a crosswalk, or did anything else negligent that contributed to causing or exacerbated the severity of their accident, 42 P.S. §7102 allows the court to reduce the final damage award based on the victim’s percentage of total fault. For example, a pedestrian who is 15% to blame will have his or her damages reduced by 15%.  Furthermore, any plaintiff found to be at a greater fault than all named defendants combined (i.e. 51% or more) cannot recover any compensation whatsoever for the losses.

Seek Help from a State College Jogger/Runner Accident Attorney Today

Drivers in Pennsylvania owe the same duty of reasonable care to joggers and runners that they do to every other vehicle and person around them. If a driver’s failure to meet this obligation directly led to your personal harm, taking effective legal action against may be vital to protecting your long-term interests.

An experienced State College jogger/runner accident lawyer at Marcus & Mack could investigate the circumstances of your case to prove another’s negligence and obtain fair financial recovery on your behalf. Call today to get started on your claim.

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