Driving during or immediately after a rainstorm can be dangerous for various reasons, but particularly because of the loss of traction your vehicle may have due to standing water on the road. If you have ever felt your car start to “skid” while driving over a puddle, you know what “hydroplaning” feels like. Likewise, if you were in a wreck caused by hydroplaning, you know all too well how serious the numerous physical, financial, and personal losses associated with a car crash can be.

Depending on how your hydroplaning car accident in State College occurred, you may have grounds to file suit against the responsible party. Speaking with a knowledgeable car accident attorney could provide the information and assistance you need to pursue your legal rights.

When Is Hydroplaning Car Accident Litigation Possible?

A substantial number of hydroplaning car crashes in State College and throughout Pennsylvania are single-car accidents that involve one person losing control of his or her vehicle. As a result, litigation following these types of incidents rarely involves filing suit against another driver or pursuing monetary damages from his or her insurance provider. However, that does not mean it is impossible for someone else to be legally liable for injuries caused in a wreck of this nature.

If a hydroplaning crash arose partially or primarily from faulty brakes provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer, then that company might be liable under product liability law for damages sustained in the accident. Similarly, a mechanic whose mistake during prior service left the car fundamentally unsafe could bear fault for a hydroplaning wreck if it occurred because of a malfunction directly caused by his or her error.

Municipal government entities responsible for road maintenance may be held accountable for crashes caused by water buildup on poorly maintained public roads. Civil cases against government bodies are uniquely complicated, so having guidance from a seasoned legal professional is especially crucial in such circumstances.

Further, motorists are expected to keep their vehicles under control at all times, which requires accounting for hazardous conditions and wet roadways.  A motorist who loses control of a vehicle while hydroplaning may be civilly liable to those who suffer injuries as a result of a collision.

Recoverable Damages Through a Successful Claim

A comprehensive lawsuit following a State College hydroplaning car accident could demand compensation for both economic and non-economic types of harm, as well as past and future losses. Specific damages that could be factored into this kind of claim include:

  • Vehicle repair/replacement costs;
  • Lost wages and/or earning capacity;
  • Medical expenses;
  • Physical pain from injuries;
  • Lost quality of life;
  • Emotional/psychological trauma

While all these losses and more could be recovered through a successful personal injury claim, it is not easy to do so without representation.

Speak with an Attorney After a Hydroplaning Car Accident in State College

Hydroplaning in a vehicle moving at any speed can be an immensely frightening experience, and the harm that may result from an ensuing crash can wreak havoc on every part of your life. Making the most of this kind of unique civil claim can be difficult to accomplish on your own, even if you have been a personal injury plaintiff before.

After a hydroplaning car accident in State College, seek help from the capable attorneys at Marcus & Mack. Call now to get started.

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