Unfortunately, bad road conditions are common throughout the state, especially in highly trafficked areas like State College. Poor road conditions can cause collisions that are as severe as or worse than accidents involving the negligence of other drivers. Running over a pothole or debris at high speeds could result in significant injuries to a driver and damages to his or her vehicle.

A claim for compensation following a wreck caused by a hazardous roadway could be complex without guidance from a State College car wreck attorney. This is because you are not alleging negligence against another driver, but rather a municipal government. An accomplished legal professional experienced in car accidents due to bad road conditions in State College could evaluate your claim to help determine your legal options.

Common Hazards on State College Roads

Bad road conditions can be caused by the normal wear and tear of travel or from a particular event, such as cold weather, significant flooding, or severe storms, which could hasten the deterioration of a roadway. Typically, the local and state government entities maintain a duty to keep the roadways safe for travel within their specific jurisdictions. This often requires regularly monitoring roadways, especially heavily trafficked roads, for potholes or other dangerous conditions and fixing them in a reasonable manner and time.

While most people may think of potholes as the key example of a poorly maintained roadway, potholes are not the sole type of road condition that could cause severe accidents to occur. Some of the other types of bad road conditions that commonly cause vehicle wrecks throughout State College include:

  • Fading or missing lane markers, road borders, or intersection lines
  • Erosion of road surfaces or shoulders
  • Unrepaired or missing guardrails
  • Loose gravel or asphalt in the path of travel
  • Lack of rumble strips on a highway
  • Objects in the path of travel

If an individual suffers injury due to one of these types of poor road conditions, he or she might be entitled to compensation due to the negligence of a state or local government. A knowledgeable attorney could help the injured individual seek the compensation he or she deserves and hold the at-fault parties responsible for their negligence.

Municipal Government Liability for Poor Road Condition Accidents

In many cases, a state or local government authority could be considered immune from civil suit under the Sovereign Immunity Act or the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act. However, exceptions exist under state law that permit a lawsuit against a state or local agency, according to 42 P.S. § 8522 and 42 P.S. § 8542, including when a pothole or other dangerous condition exists on a highway or other roadway causing a car accident.

Although a civil suit might be filed against a state or local government, there are stricter rules for filing such lawsuits. For instance, there are limitations in compensation that can be sought from a state or local government. A seasoned State College lawyer could help ensure compliance with the relevant rules and strict notification requirements when filing a car accident claim against an entity that failed to properly maintain local roadways.

Call a State College Attorney to Discuss Bad Road Conditions Accidents

If you or a close loved one was involved in an accident due to hazardous road conditions, you might be able to seek compensation from the liable parties, including a state or local government. Unfortunately, cases against a government agency have strict requirements and shorter deadlines, so it is crucial to get started on your case as soon as possible. Our lawyers are well-versed in car accidents due to bad road conditions in State College and understand the necessary elements and rules for filing and proving negligence in such a case. Call Marcus & Mack now for a free case analysis.

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