If you were harmed in an auto collision, you may be focused on your physical recovery. However, it is essential that you do not delay contacting a Johnstown car crash attorney, and should do so as soon after your wreck as possible.

This is because of the car accident statute of limitations in Johnstown. This strict filing deadline could make or break your case, so reach out to our team right away.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations is the deadline by which a prospective plaintiff must file his or her personal injury claim. Under Pennsylvania law, an adult who is injured in a vehicle wreck in Johnstown has two years within which to file a claim against the person who is responsible for the injury. This filing deadline begins the day of the collision.

Exceptions to the Car Crash Filing Deadline

Two years is the standard filing deadline after an auto collision in Johnstown. This does not change based on the type of accident, but rather the people who were involved.

Collisions with Government Entities

For instance, if the defendant is a government entity, this filing deadline is substantially shortened. People who wish to file a vehicle accident claim against the government must serve a notice within six months of the wreck. This involves sending a notice to the responsible governmental entities stating who was injured, where the injury occurred, at what time the injury occurred, and where the person has received treatment. While this is technically not a statute of limitations, in that the written notice is not a court filing, it is a requirement that must be met to proceed with a car accident claim in Johnstown.

Vehicle Wrecks Involving Minors

The other exception that could impact the statute of limitations is if the injured party is a minor. In these cases, the filing deadline could be extended just for the minor.

For instance, if children were harmed in a vehicle wreck, they would have until they reach 20 years old to file a claim against the defendant party. In other words, minors have two years from when they reach the age of majority, which is 18. However, parents of an injured minor are responsible for the minor’s medical bills, and the parents must file their claims for medical bills within two years of the accident – even though the deadline for filing the minor’s injury claims is later.

Discuss the Statute of Limitations with a Car Accident Attorney in Johnstown

After being injured in a vehicle collision, it is vital that you file your personal injury claim within the specified time. Failure to do so could result in your claim being dismissed and you losing the opportunity to recover financial compensation for your losses.

Understanding the car accident statute of limitations in Johnstown could be difficult without an experienced legal professional by your side. Contact the office of Marcus & Mack to schedule your free consultation.

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