When most people think of vehicle accidents, they often think of collisions that occur on major roadways or urban roads. However, accidents in parking lots and garages are extremely common and can be just as catastrophic.

If you or a loved one were hurt in a wreck in a parking lot, you need the skill of an experienced Johnstown car crash attorney to improve your chances of a full recovery. Do not hesitate to speak with a Johnstown parking lot accident lawyer to discuss your options.

Unique Aspects of Parking Lot Collisions

Unlike other roadways, parking lots are heavily trafficked by pedestrians. Drivers should remain aware of people walking to and from their vehicles, as well as any children that may dart behind or in front of other vehicles. Additionally, there are a lot of blind-spots in these areas. Pedestrians, cyclists, and even other vehicles can be obscured behind parked cars or sharp corners.

Unfortunately, there is also a misconception that the lower speed limit in parking lots means any collisions that occur would be fairly mild. However, that is not the case. Even at low speeds, accidents can cause broken bones, head trauma, spine damage, and lacerations. This is especially true of the wreck occurs between a vehicle and a person walking. If a distracted motorist strikes a child, it could even be deadly.

Fortunately, many parking lots and garages have video cameras that can record how the accident happened. This evidence could be useful for a Johnstown attorney to help prove another driver is responsible for the wreck that occurred in a parking lot.

Role of Comparative Negligence in Johnstown

Whether the plaintiff is a driver of a vehicle or a pedestrian, comparative negligence is a possible defense that may be raised by the opposing insurance company.

Pennsylvania is a comparative negligence jurisdiction, meaning a court must look at the actions of all involved parties and assign each a percentage of fault. The plaintiff’s recovery will be reduced by the percentage of his or her own fault.  For example, a plaintiff who was 15% at-fault will see his or her award reduced by 15 percent, but as long as the plaintiff is 50 percent or less responsible for the collision, he or she could still recover a reduced proportion of the total damage award. However, if the plaintiff is 51 percent or more responsible for the crash, he or she cannot recover any compensation.

Any reduction to compensation could have serious financial implications for the injured party. Working with a parking lot accident attorney in Johnstown could improve a claimant’s chances of a favorable recovery.

Speak with a Johnstown Parking Lot Accident Attorney Now

Parking lot collisions are common, but unfortunately that does not make for easy litigation. These cases are often complicated and it can be difficult to recover the compensation you need to move on with your life.

Fortunately, a Johnstown parking lot accident lawyer at Marcus & Mack could prove much needed guidance and representation to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process. Call our office today to book your free case consultation.

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