There are several major roadways that run through or in the vicinity of Johnstown, including Routes 56, 403, 271, and. 219. Routes 56 and 403 also intersect with Route 22, which is a major thoroughfare connecting the Pittsburgh region with the Altoona area.

Notably, these highways do not run through the metropolitan but rather the outskirts of the town. Due to their locations, as well as the high rate of speed at which commuters drive on these roads, major roadway accidents in Johnstown can be some of the most severe our seasoned Johnstown car wreck attorneys see. If you or a loved one were harmed while traveling on a highway or interstate, you should speak with our team about filing a claim for damages against the at-fault party.

Common Collisions on Major Roadways

Collisions on major roadways in Johnstown are very common. This may be in part due to the geography of the area. With all the hills and turns these roads must navigate through, as well as elevation changes, wrecks frequently occur. This is especially possible during inclement weather.

Additionally, these roads are frequently used by commercial drivers, making collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles also common. Rollover accidents and blind-spot collisions can occur when these large vehicles take turns at the high speeds these roadways allow.

How are Wrecks on Major Roadways Different from Other Accidents?

Major roadways in Johnstown, like 219, have no traffic lights and higher speed limits, 65 or 70 miles per hour in some areas, making the risk of devastating vehicle accidents more likely. While there are similar risks (such as intoxicated or distracted drivers) on these roads compared to urban streets, the high rates of speed involved can make these collisions particularly harmful. Motorists going 15 miles per hour in an urban setting can stop much quicker than those going 65 miles per hour on a highway.

Furthermore, these roadways are in rural areas. Therefore, law enforcement and medics may take longer to reach the scene of a wreck. Additionally, as these roads are often heavily trafficked, congestion could make it even more difficult for police and paramedics to get to the scene. Unfortunately, most catastrophic injuries require prompt care, and delay can cause them to worsen or even become deadly.

Discuss Major Roadway Accidents with a Johnstown Attorney

While any vehicle collision can be severe, this is almost always the case when the accident occurs on a highway or interstate. This is due to the high rates of speed motorists travel at on these roadways, as well as their distance from the metropolitan area. Since major roadway accidents in Johnstown frequently result in catastrophic if not deadly injuries, it is essential to work with a reliable attorney who considers the long-term impact of these wrecks.

Our team at Marcus & Mack is well-versed in these types of collisions and could help you take the necessary steps to pursue appropriate compensation for your losses. Do not delay. Call our office now to schedule your free case consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.

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