Greyhound is the largest commercial bus company in the United States, operating routes that travel to just about every corner of the country. While most Greyhound employees are responsible and dependable drivers, there are those who instead act in reckless or careless ways behind the wheel—sometimes with devastating repercussions for the passengers.

Discussing legal options with a bus accident attorney should be a priority after any kind of accident resulting in harm to you or a loved one. A knowledgeable Johnstown Greyhound bus accident lawyer could work tirelessly to secure monetary damages for any losses.

Is Greyhound Liable for Their Employee’s Negligence?

As operators of “common carriers,” it is particularly important for commercial bus drivers to act reasonably and responsibly while driving. In addition to obeying traffic laws and watching out for other vehicles or potential hazards on the road, bus drivers also must ensure all their passengers have time to safely board, disembark, and remain seated for the duration of each trip.

Any bus driver who causes an injury—whether through a collision with another vehicle, striking a pedestrian, or simply stopping or starting so fast that a passenger falls and gets hurt—may bear civil liability for the consequences of that incident. Furthermore, in Pennsylvania, employers may be held financially responsible for negligence by their employees in many situations under the doctrine of respondeat superior.

People injured in bus accidents may miss out on compensation if a court finds them partially to blame for injuries based on their own negligence. A Johnstown Greyhound bus accident attorney could provide necessary assistance with collecting and presenting evidence to build a case that—not only was a Greyhound bus driver at fault for a particular incident—but also that an injured plaintiff bore no responsibility for the harm he or she sustained.

Recovering Within Filing Deadlines

A comprehensive claim following a Greyhound bus crash should account for both consequences of the incident that have already manifested at the time of filing, as well as future losses that will likely occur in the future. For example, if an accident caused a catastrophic injury like spinal cord trauma resulting in paralysis, an ensuing personal injury case could demand compensation in advance for future rehabilitative treatment costs, lost working capacity, home modifications, and lost quality of life.  A plaintiff only has one opportunity to settle a case, so it is imperative that an experienced bus accident attorney include proof of all future damages.

The state deadline for filing a personal injury claim under 42 P.S. §5524 is two years from when the accident occurred. That may sound like a long time, but a lot of investigation is necessary in order to file the claim – such as identifying all potential individual and corporate defendants, investigating all theories of liability, and other time-consuming matters.  Thus, it is crucial to contact a skilled lawyer sooner rather than later after a Greyhound bus accident in or around Johnstown to get started on the case.

Consider Working with a Johnstown Greyhound Bus Accident Attorney

Seeking civil compensation from a private company—especially one as large as Greyhound—after an accident can be an especially complicated and stressful process. You will likely face fierce opposition from the bus driver and and his or her employer. Fortunately, help is available from seasoned legal professionals at Marcus & Mack who have years of experience fighting on behalf of injured people in situations similar to yours.

A capable Johnstown Greyhound bus accident lawyer could be a steadfast and irreplaceable ally from the start to finish of your lawsuit or settlement demand. Call today for your free consultation.

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