Why Would I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Would I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Would I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Brad Holuta: Why do they need a personal injury lawyer?

Hopefully this is the only time they’ve ever been in an accident and ever will be in an accident but they don’t know the lay of the land. This is all we do every day—is help people with their personal injury claims. There are many number of issues or landmines that they can run into in connection with this arena with which they’re not familiar.

Insurance companies will start calling immediately, asking them to give a recorded statement, but what they don’t realize is that many insurance adjusters will ask very one-sided or misleading questions that are designed to trip them up and damage their case.

Once that statement is given, it can’t be taken back, so we would not allow that to happen if we are representing the client. Insurance companies also send releases and offer the client a small amount of money in an attempt to buy their claim for pennies on the dollar without them realizing that they may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table depending upon the situation

It’s also important to preserve evidence right away—things like videos, photographs that’s documenting the scene is all important and would be things that a person who’s not familiar with this would not think to do.

So, it’s very important to get involved immediately so that these sort of things, there’s not irreversible damage done to their case.

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