If you were a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune or someone who lived or worked there for at least one month, you probably were exposed to contaminated water. Evidence shows that contaminated water at the base caused significant damage to the health of those who were exposed.

If contaminated water at Camp Lejeune caused you to suffer from a severe illness or health condition, contact a local attorney right away. You could file a claim and receive a settlement to cover your medical expenses and other losses. Family members of people who have died of exposure-related diseases also can file a claim with the help of one of our experienced legal professionals.

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act

The President signed the Camp Lejeune Justice Act (CLJA) on August 10, 2022. The Act allows anyone who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune between August 1, 1953, and December 31, 1987, to claim compensation for exposure to contaminated water.

Anyone filing a claim must present proof of his or her presence on the base at the relevant time. A person whose mother was pregnant with him or her while living or working at the base is also eligible to make a claim under the CLJA. A knowledgeable attorney could advise you of what proof might be acceptable in a specific case.

Affected persons must file a lawsuit within two years—by August10, 2024—to receive compensation. Some people already filed claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act. These people must file a new claim under the CLJA process. Even if the government denied the previous claim, the JAG would reconsider the new claim under the standards established in the CLJA.

Conditions Linked to Camp Lejeune Water

Several water treatment plants served Camp Lejeune, and at least two provided contaminated water. Anyone who lived or worked on the base might develop health effects linked to the contamination.

The water contained volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are linked to numerous severe health conditions. The Veteran’s Administration (VA) presumes that the following diseases result from toxic water exposure at Camp Lejeune:

  • Aplastic anemia;
  • Bladder cancer;
  • Kidney cancer;
  • Leukemia;
  • Multiple myeloma;
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; and
  • Parkinson’s disease.

People with other conditions are eligible to file if they could present evidence linking an illness to the contamination. A skilled lawyer could help a person find and present appropriate evidence.

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) recently issued a claim form for people who suffered harm from exposure to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. In addition to the conditions the VA presumes are related to exposure, the form also lists:

  • Liver cancer;
  • Cardiac defects;
  • Systematic sclerosis/scleroderma; and
  • Other kidney issues.

This might indicate the JAG is prepared to acknowledge that the contaminated water also led to these conditions.

Veteran’s Disability and the Camp Lejeune Lawsuits

Many veterans submitted claims for VA disability benefits related to their time at Camp Lejeune. While some have received disability benefits, the VA has denied other claims.

Anyone who suffered from exposure to Camp Lejeune water is entitled to participate in the Camp Lejeune lawsuits, regardless of whether the VA approved his or her disability claim. However, the government will offset the damages a claimant receives by any disability, Medicare, or Medicaid payments the government made relating to the health condition.

The CLJA offers compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A seasoned lawyer could answer any questions a veteran or his or her family members might have about the interplay of VA benefits and damages from a CLJA lawsuit.

Work With a Local Attorney to Submit Your CLJA Claim

If you spent time at Camp Lejeune, or your mother was there while she was pregnant with you, it is extremely likely that you were exposed to the toxic water. If you have since developed a significant health condition, the water might be the reason.

The CLJA provides a process for people who suffered harm to get compensation, but you must act fast. The window to bring a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit closes on August 10, 2024, so contact one of the dedicated attorneys at Marcus & Mack about your next steps today.

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