Truck Accidents With Amazon
Truck Accidents With Amazon

Truck Accidents With Amazon

It is common to see Amazon trucks everywhere on highways and residential streets today. The company has built one of the largest fleets of delivery trucks in the world, and they also use contract drivers to supplement its team to make additional deliveries. With the massive demand of Amazon deliveries comes an increased risk to anyone sharing the road with these large, often heavily loaded vehicles whipping through traffic.

Truck accidents with Amazon can happen and cause serious injuries, and anyone involved should know what to do to protect their rights and futures. If you are in this position, consult a truck accident attorney immediately.

What to Do If an Amazon Truck Hits You

What to Do If an Amazon Truck Hits You

If an Amazon truck hits you, what you do next can be critical to protecting your rights to compensation.

Get all of the recommended medical care

Focus on your full recovery by getting the needed medical treatment and ongoing care. Follow up with your doctors and get any recommended tests and diagnoses. These steps are critical to ensure you have done everything necessary to recover as much as possible after an accident. They also create records to present to insurance companies to prove your injuries.

Seek legal help from a truck accident attorney as soon as you can

We recommend contacting an experienced Amazon truck accident attorney as soon as possible. It is typical for the insurance company representing Amazon to act quickly to settle a claim, which may mean you receive less compensation than you deserve. Hiring an attorney right now does not cost you anything out-of-pocket, but it will provide the hands-on support you need to navigate the next steps.

Ensure the police report is accurate

It is also important to complete a police report to document what you believe occurred and how it happened. If you completed one at the time of the incident, ensure it is accurate and as detailed as possible. If not, your attorney will work with you to amend the details. This document is often critical in determining which insurance company will pay for losses after an Amazon truck accident.

Avoid speaking to insurance adjusters

After the truck accident with Amazon, refrain from speaking directly to insurance adjusters. Most of the time, you do not know how much compensation you should get in the days after the incident. There may be added costs from ongoing care, specialized treatments you need, and loss of income while you cannot work. The emotional trauma, chronic pain, and impact on your life in general are not yet fully realized.

For this reason, if an insurance adjuster from Amazon calls you, tell them you plan to retain legal counsel and will direct all communications to your attorney. Having a truck accident lawyer minimizes the risk that the insurance company can pressure you into saying the wrong thing or settling your case too soon and for too little.

Avoid These Common Mistakes After Amazon Truck Accidents

Remember that Amazon’s comprehensive insurance policies protect Amazon truck drivers, meaning the insurance company represents both drivers and the company. There is quite a bit on the line, and the insurance company will do all it can to reduce what it pays out. To protect your right to compensation, avoid making these mistakes:

  • Do not use social media to discuss what occurred, how you are doing, your injuries, or other information about your life. Stay off it entirely because anything you post here can refute your claims.
  • Avoid waiting too long to get help. The sooner you contact an attorney, the faster we can begin working to protect your rights.
  • Do not share medical records or any other information the insurance companies request. They may ask you to record a statement or insist you have a very short time to settle your case. Do not fall for it; tell them to speak to your attorney instead.
  • Do not agree to or accept a settlement from the insurance companies. Even if they put an expiration date on it or threaten to make it impossible for you to get compensation after that point, you have rights. That includes the right to total compensation for your losses.
  • Refrain from believing that the insurance company is working on your behalf. Many of these adjusters are very friendly and seem to be trusted professionals, but their job is to lower how much they pay you. Do not let them do that to you.

The sooner you contact an Amazon truck accident attorney, the better. This legal representation will protect your right to compensation and allow you to focus on your physical recovery while someone fights for fair compensation.

How an Experienced Attorney Helps After Truck Accidents with Amazon

How an Experienced Attorney Helps After Truck Accidents with Amazon

In a truck accident with an Amazon vehicle, you face many complicated questions. First, you must determine who is responsible for the incident. That can be just the driver, or Amazon may also be accountable. In other situations, multiple parties hold some level of responsibility. Your truck accident attorney will investigate and gather this information for you.

Your attorney also determines the value of your case. By examining the evidence, speaking to medical experts, and considering your documented losses, an attorney will ensure you do not settle your case for too little, leaving you to suffer financially for years. They will also carefully consider your intangible losses, such as pain and suffering, that are not documented or easily quantifiable. These losses are just as important as economic losses.

An Amazon truck accident attorney will spend their time building a solid case for you so that you can spend your time recovering, which should be your focus right now. With the help of an attorney, you can reduce many of your concerns.

Consult an Amazon Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

Truck accidents with Amazon can occur for many reasons – including driver fatigue, intoxication, or inexperience. When they leave you with medical bills, loss of quality of life, and uncertainty about your future, you deserve to work with a trusted, skilled Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process with confidence and support. Seek your free case evaluation today.

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