Tanker Truck Accidents
Tanker Truck Accidents

Tanker Truck Accidents

A tanker truck accident can occur any time you are on the road with these large, often heavy vehicles. Tanker trucks, which carry different fluids, are necessary for moving fuel, chemicals, waste, and other elements from one area to the next. Yet, they are also very risky to share the road with if the driver is inexperienced or otherwise unable to drive properly.

Tanker truck accidents can be dangerous because they may be carrying hazardous or flammable materials, making any collision potentially deadly. If you have suffered an injury in such an accident, the best way to protect yourself is to seek legal help from a trusted, highly experienced truck accident lawyer in Altoona.

Determine the Cause of the Tanker Truck Accident

Determine the Cause of the Tanker Truck Accident

The first step in these types of accidents is to determine what happened. Understanding the cause lets you know who to pursue for compensation for your losses. Some of the most common reasons tanker truck accidents occur include:

  • Poor maintenance and upkeep on the vehicle and the tracker itself
  • Driver fatigue behind the wheel
  • Poor cargo management or inspections before leaving with the load
  • Driver distraction due to looking at something within the truck, like a phone, or the driver engaging in activities that are distracting
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Driver inexperience or, in some situations, inexperience in difficult or complex roadway conditions
  • Inappropriate tank use for high-risk materials such as liquid, gas, or radioactive materials that require specialized tanks and management

These are some of the most common causes of tanker truck accidents, but other things can also happen. For example, the driver may have been speeding or on the road for too many hours, making them very tired.

Analyze Who Is At Fault for the Accident

Once you have a better idea of the cause of the accident, the next step is to determine who is at fault for the collision. Here are some examples of negligent behavior:

  • The truck driver was speeding because the trucking company was holding the driver to a schedule that required the driver to exceed the speed limit. In this case, the truck driver and their employer may be at fault.
  • The truck driver may be solely at fault if they are driving intoxicated. If the trucking company knew the truck driver was at risk for driving intoxicated, though, they may be found partially responsible.
  • An inexperienced driver or one not licensed to manage these specific types of vehicles operates a tanker truck. In this situation, the trucking company may also be at fault.
  • Suppose the vehicle fails to operate as expected. In that case, the manufacturer may be responsible for injuries, or the repair technician may be accountable if they fail to meet expected guidelines.
  • The truck owner, who may not be a third party outside the driver and their employer, can be held responsible if they failed to ensure the vehicle was in good road-worthy condition.

In some instances, more than one party is at fault for the incident. These situations can lead to multiple claims and numerous complexities in the claim filing process.

Your Tanker Truck Accident Attorney Will Help You Determine Your Losses

Your Tanker Truck Accident Attorney Will Help You Determine Your Losses

When you work with an experienced tanker truck accident lawyer, this professional will guide you through this legal process. There are multiple tasks your attorney will work on, including:

  • Finding evidence to prove your case: Your responsibility is to prove that someone else is liable for your losses. After the accident, your attorney will speak to witnesses, gather expert testimony, collect data such as blood tests, and examine navigational logs to prove what happened.
  • Determining fault: Though the police report will often assign fault in a case like this, it may not be accurate or complete. Your attorney will work diligently to ensure that the fault is determined correctly.
  • Calculate your losses: You may deserve compensation for medical bills, lost time at work, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and much more. Your attorney will understand your losses, gather medical experts to prove them, and then put a dollar figure on your deserved compensation.
  • Manage the claims process: The tanker truck accident lawyer will pursue legal support for you by filing a claim with the responsible party. They also handle the negotiations and answer any questions the insurance company may have.
  • Go to court to fight for compensation: If the party is unwilling to pay for your losses, you may need to pursue legal action.

Each tanker truck accident has a high risk of complicated injuries and long-term losses. Many times, truck accident lawyers work with families trying to piece together a case against a tanker truck driver that cost them the life of their loved one. Your attorney’s job will always be to guide you on your rights and to pursue maximum compensation in your case.

After a Truck Tanker Accident, Pursue Medical Attention

While your attorney works to pursue total compensation for you, your responsibility will be to consistently seek and maintain medical care. Focus heavily on ensuring that you follow up with your doctor, get the rest you need, and pursue specialized treatment if it gives you the potential to recover. You must follow these steps to ensure the best possible recovery for yourself.

Further, maintaining treatment demonstrates to insurance companies that you take your injuries seriously, which makes it more challenging for adjusters to question the severity of your condition and losses. Proper treatment benefits your health, legal claim, and financial future.

Never Wait to Consult a Truck Accident Lawyer

Tanker truck accidents are some of the most deadly crashes and can lead to life-changing outcomes for many people. Working with an experienced tanker truck accident attorney can be the best way to protect your right to total and fair compensation.

An experienced attorney can be the advocate you need to bring those who caused you injury and loss to justice. Do not try to handle this process alone, as tanker truck accident claims are highly complicated. Seek out a skilled personal injury attorney for this task immediately. Consultations are free.

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