Preserving Evidence Following Traffic Accidents

Preserving Evidence Following Traffic Accidents

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, the accident scene tends to change quickly. Roadways are cleared of debris, and vehicles are taken away. These activities have the potential to harm critical evidence that could be essential to the outcome of a personal injury claim. Recognizing this, it becomes crucial to have skilled legal counsel working diligently to preserve any evidence that may be significant to the case.

Timely Visit to the Accident Scene

Visiting the accident scene as soon as possible is critical to collect time-sensitive evidence. For example, skid marks on the road can aid in determining the exact position of the impact. However, weather and traffic can cause these traces to fade in a matter of days. Our proactive lawyers could assure the acquisition of vital evidence that may not be available later by reaching the crash scene quickly.

Exploring the Environment for Video Footage

Our seasoned attorneys recognize the importance of video footage in supporting a case. They perform extensive examinations in the area surrounding the accident scene to identify whether there is any captured footage. Security cameras from adjacent businesses, news teams, or video doorbell systems are frequently used to collect valuable video evidence. These extra research efforts by legal professionals can greatly strengthen the evidence obtained.

The Importance of Electronic Data Recorders

Modern vehicles are outfitted with electronic data recorders, also informally known as “black boxes.” These recorders save vital information regarding the operation of the vehicle during an accident, such as the speed at the time of the collision and whether or not the other driver engaged the brakes. Unfortunately, insurance firms frequently ship damaged vehicles to salvage yards without obtaining this important information.

Our knowledgeable attorneys prioritize vehicle preservation and methodically collect and retain data from these electronic data recorders. This proactive approach ensures that essential evidence is available for pursuing justice on behalf of injured parties.

The Dangers of Leaving Evidence Collection to Chance

Leaving evidence collection to chance can endanger the strength of a personal injury lawsuit. Given the short lifespan of evidence following an accident, it is important to act quickly. Our diligent lawyers highlight the need for timely evidence preservation, as it forms the cornerstone of a solid case.

Contact Our Attorneys for Help Preserving Evidence in Your Case

The timely preservation of evidence is critical in building a persuasive legal case. The committed team at Marcus & Mack understands the necessity of securing evidence as soon as possible following a traffic accident, as vital evidence might vanish in a matter of seconds.

We have an extensive understanding of the importance of video footage, on-site investigations, and data retrieval from electronic data recorders. Injured parties could improve his or her chances of receiving justice by hiring qualified legal counsel who prioritizes evidence preservation. Remember that time is of the essence when it comes to protecting the foundation of a good case, so call today.

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