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Going to an amusement park should be an enjoyable experience. However, any hazard could cause severe injuries that require extensive medical care. After a theme park accident, you and your family may be dealing with significant emotional and financial strains. A Western PA premises liability attorney could help you hold negligent parties responsible for your damages.

Amusement parks are legally obligated to provide safe facilities and rides. Roller coasters must be designed and maintained properly. Additionally, employees should be adequately trained on safety protocols. If you suffered injuries due to the park’s negligence, you could work with a Western PA amusement park accident lawyer to seek monetary damages for your injuries.

Common Types of Theme Park Accidents

There are many potential hazards at amusement parks that could cause visitors harm. There are risks associated with roller coasters such as nausea, but inadequate maintenance of these rides can lead to avoidable accidents and physical injuries. Even if you do not ride any roller coasters, you could encounter hazards such as:

If you or a family member was harmed due to a hazard at an amusement park in Western Pennsylvania, you should consider talking to an Indiana lawyer about your legal options.

Duty of Care Owed to Amusement Park Visitors in Western PA

Amusement parks are generally responsible for the care of its patrons and guests. Premises liability law sets forth certain requirements for theme parks to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition, inspect for dangers, and warn guests of known dangers. This is true of large amusement parks and smaller ones such as travelling carnivals or fairs.

It is important to note that the level of responsibility a theme park has to keep you safe depends on your visitor status at the time of the accident. Invitees are visitors who are on a property for the benefit of the owner. These individuals are owed the highest level of care. As a paying guest, you are considered an invitee.

If you did not have permission to be at the theme park, you are considered a trespasser. Property owners owe trespassers the lowest level of care, so if you were not permitted to be on the property, it may be more difficult to obtain monetary damages after an accident. If you are unsure of your visitor status, consult with a local attorney familiar with amusement park accident cases.

Identifying the Negligent Party with a Lawyer in Indiana

Many amusement park accidents occur due to an employee’s negligence. For example, a staff member may be directly responsible for failing to clean up a spill or secure safety belts on a ride.

However, the employee may not be the only liable party. Employers are vicariously liable for the negligent actions of their workers, meaning you could pursue a legal claim against the amusement park itself.

Roller Coaster Designers and Manufacturers

The designers and manufacturers of a specific ride may be also responsible for your injuries. If the design of a roller coaster made it inherently dangerous, you could file an injury claim against the engineers responsible for creating it.

Similarly, if the manufacturer failed to properly construct the components of the ride, causing your accident, the manufacturer could be responsible. A dedicated lawyer could help you determine who is responsible for your amusement park accident.

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Amusement parks are supposed to be fun and safe. When they are not, severe accidents can negatively impact you and your loved ones. If you wish to seek monetary damages from the negligent party, a Western PA amusement park accident lawyer could help. Contact Marcus & Mack today to set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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