Johnstown Daycare Injury Lawyer

When sending children to daycare, parents expect that the child will be safe, cared for, supervised, and protected from harm while at the facility. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If your child was injured while under another’s care, a Johnstown daycare injury lawyer may be able to investigate your claim and determine if the daycare acted negligently. If so, a Johnstown dangerous property attorney could help you seek the financial compensation you and your family are owed.

Johnstown Laws Governing Daycare Facilities

Daycare facilities are subject to various rules and regulations, both state and federal, to help keep children safe. The facilities are subject to building codes, labor laws, licensing requirements, safety regulations, staffing ratios, and other rules.

For instance, 55 Pa. Code §3270.21 states that conditions at a daycare facility may not harm the health and safety of the children. Additionally, child-to-staff ratios in daycare facilities are established in 55 Pa. Code §3270.54.

A Johnstown attorney knowledgeable in daycare injury law may determine if the facility did not adhere to regulations and file a negligence claim on behalf of the injured child.

Injuries Suffered by Children at Daycares

Children can suffer various injuries in daycare facilities. Some more common injuries include:

  • Broken bones and bruises from slipping and falling
  • Burns
  • Choking on small toys
  • Allergic reactions to food or food poisoning
  • Facial injuries and cuts
  • Head injuries such as concussions or other brain damage

To recover compensation for a child’s injury in a daycare facility, one must prove negligence on the part of the facility. Specifically, a guardian and his or her local attorney must prove that the child was enrolled in the daycare facility, the facility owed a duty of care to that child, the facility breached that duty of care, and the child’s injuries were a direct result of that breach.

Examples of Negligence-Based Accidents at Daycares

In a negligence cause of action against a daycare, the injured child’s family needs to prove that the daycare provider failed to keep the facility reasonably safe for children. Some common types of negligence by daycares include:

  • Failure to properly train its teachers
  • Failure to supervise the teachers in the classroom
  • Insufficient number of teachers to child ratios, i.e., inadequate staffing
  • Defective playground equipment or toys
  • Injuries caused by other children
  • Unsafe conditions on the daycare facility property
  • Failure of response by staff when a child is injured, or there is an emergency

An experienced lawyer in Johnstown may be able to prove negligence on the part of the facility and how the negligence led to the child’s injury to ensure a successful claim against the daycare provider.

Talk to a Johnstown Daycare Injury Attorney Right Away

Parents place the utmost trust in daycares to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children. When that trust is broken due to someone’s negligent behavior, the family and the injured child are entitled to compensation.

A qualified Johnstown daycare injury lawyer could assess your case, investigate all liability, and work to ensure you and your child receive the full and just compensation you both deserve. Contact the office of Marcus & Mack to learn about your rights and all your legal options.

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