Car Accident Due to Bad Road Conditions in Johnstown

Government entities have a responsibility to maintain public roads. When they fail to address dangerous conditions, it can lead to devastating accidents. If you were injured in an auto wreck caused by hazardous road conditions, you may need the help of a Johnstown car accident lawyer.

Through a personal injury claim, you could hold the liable party accountable and pursue monetary damages. Reach out to our firm today to learn more about your legal options after a car accident due to bad road conditions in Johnstown.

Types of Hazardous Road Conditions

Roads naturally wear down over time due to weather and public use, which is why they require regular maintenance. Some of the most common types of road hazards that lead to accidents include:

  • Large cracks;
  • Deep potholes;
  • Faded lane lines and intersection markers;
  • Loose chunks of asphalt;
  • Missing or damaged guardrails;
  • Improper drainage;
  • Utility holes without covers; and
  • Damaged or clogged drains.

When dealing with a car accident case, it is crucial to determine the cause of the wreck and identify who is at fault. After a vehicle collision, you may assume the other driver is the primarily liable party.

However, if a hazardous road condition caused the accident, you may have a valid claim against the government entity responsible for road upkeep. A skilled Johnstown lawyer could help you take legal action after a car accident related to poor road conditions.

Filing Suit Against Governmental Entities in Johnstown

Filing a civil claim against a government entity is often more complex than pursuing a case against a private party. There are strict laws governing cases against municipal, county, or state governmental entities.

The Sovereign Immunity Act and the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act set limitations on liability and provide immunity to the government for certain negligent acts and omissions. These laws also have more stringent deadlines, as you must provide a particular form of written notice to the government entity within six months of the accident, in addition to filing a lawsuit within two years of the accident.

Waiting too long to take legal action can result in the loss of a potential claim. It is vital that you work with an experienced auto accident attorney who understands how these regulations could impact your bad road condition case.

Potential Compensation for Injured Parties

In a successful lawsuit for personal injury, you may be entitled to significant monetary damages. You could receive compensation for losses such as:

  • Property damage
  • Lost income
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium

If you lost a loved one in a car accident related to unsafe road conditions, you and your family may seek monetary damages through a wrongful death case. Working with a skilled lawyer could help you gain financial stability after a severe vehicle collision.

Call a Lawyer in Johnstown After a Car Accident Caused by Bad Road Conditions

If you were in a car accident due to bad road conditions in Johnstown, you need the support of dedicated attorney as you go through the legal claims process. These cases can be complex. Without proper legal guidance, you may not be able to recover monetary damages. Contact Marcus & Mack today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.

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