DuBois Car Accident Settlements

Even relatively low-speed collisions between motor vehicles can lead to substantial injuries that require months of recovery time and expensive treatments, and more serious wrecks often cause long-term damages that fundamentally alter the course of a person’s life. Either way, litigating financial compensation for those losses through the Pennsylvania civil court system can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, and it may not always result in the best possible outcome for a plaintiff.

DuBois car accident settlements may provide a much faster case resolution than a lawsuit, but they also have some disadvantages and some procedural intricacies that could negatively impact a case’s value. Before entering negotiations or accepting any kind of settlement offer for your car accident, you should discuss your situation and recovery options with a DuBois vehicle wreck attorney.

Deciding When to Accept a Settlement

At any point prior to a court verdict being rendered, the parties involved in a civil lawsuit may elect to settle the claim and immediately end proceedings. In fact, the vast majority of car accident claims filed in Dubois and throughout Pennsylvania ultimately end in settlements, even without ever filing a lawsuit, with only a few proceeding all the way to a trial in civil court.

However, settlement negotiations are not a one-step process. Any initial settlement offer, whether it comes from an insurance company or a civil defendant, will almost certainly be insufficient to cover all of a person’s damages, and it is not uncommon for several rounds of negotiations and counteroffers to occur before all parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Accepting a settlement after a vehicle wreck is always an individual plaintiff’s decision to make. That being said, a seasoned attorney could provide valuable guidance about what damages a comprehensive settlement should account for and what odds a plaintiff has of success if he or she elects to proceed to trial.

What Factors Impact Auto Collision Settlement Value?

Just like personal injury claims stemming from other types of accidents, the value of settlement for a car crash in DuBois depends on the specific losses a plaintiff experienced, the length of time those losses will persist, and the extent to which those losses will impact the person’s life going forward. While any wreck that leads to at least one injury requiring professional medical care could give rise to a civil claim, the amount of the settlement will inherently depend upon the nature and extent of the damages sustained.

When it comes to insurance settlements, the amount of compensation available will vary based on the amount of insurance coverage available under the policy covering the at-fault driver, as well as each individual claimant’s particular policy – particularly the amount of Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage available. Some insurance companies also attempt to minimize the value of a claim and attempt to pressure claimants into accepting small settlements. In either scenario, representation from dedicated legal counsel can be crucial to establishing a strong negotiating position and maximizing settlement value.

A DuBois Attorney Could Help Pursue a Fair Car Accident Settlement

Settling a car crash claim is usually far from a simple process, especially if you are catastrophically injured as a result of your wreck. Fortunately, help is available from experienced legal representatives who know how to effectively enforce your rights and could seek the best possible case outcome on your behalf.

Fair DuBois car accident settlements are much easier to obtain with help from a capable lawyer. Call today to discuss your options with a member of the Marcus & Mack team.

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