Rear-End Car Accidents in DuBois

While rear-end wrecks are not as consistently dangerous as side-impact and head-on collisions, they can still result in substantial financial, physical, and personal losses for the impacted parties.

Filing suit over a rear-end car accident in DuBois can be a deceptively challenging process, as the person who rear-ended you is not always exclusively at fault for the incident. A seasoned DuBois car accident attorney could help preserve your rights and improve your chances of a positive case resolution.

Who Could Be at Fault for a Rear-End Wreck?

Everyone who drives on public roads has an implicit legal obligation to act responsibly. That duty includes looking out for vehicles ahead and maintaining a safe distance from them to reduce the risk of a collision during a sudden stop. Accordingly, if someone tailgates another vehicle or drives at a high speed towards an intersection, he or she is likely at fault for injuries sustained by the front most driver.

While the person in the rearmost vehicle is often considered legally at fault for losses in this kind of wreck, this is not automatically the case in every rear-end vehicle collision in DuBois.

Comparative Negligence

Sometimes the driver in front may bear partial fault for the incident, like if he or she did not have functioning taillights, or if he or she moved into the path of the trailing vehicle.

In this scenario, the front most driver might be subject to a reduction in recoverable damages or may even become ineligible to file suit altogether. This is because of the modified comparative fault system established under 42 P. S. § 7102, through which the victim’s award is reduced by the percentage of the victim’s degree of fault. Guidance from knowledgeable legal counsel could be crucial to understanding how comparative fault affects recovery and contesting these allegations in your specific case.

Deadlines for DuBois Rear-End Vehicle Crash Claims

Under 42 P.S. § 5524, any person who waits longer than two years after an accident to formally file suit is time-barred from recovering monetary damages for that particular incident.

This deadline applies regardless of how substantial a plaintiff’s losses are, so it is likely necessary to file before the full value of future damages becomes apparent. There are some exceptions to this rule in specific situations, like incidents involving minors, which a qualified back-end car wreck attorney in DuBois could explain further during a free confidential meeting.

Talk to a Qualified Attorney about Rear-End Car Accident in DuBois Today

The physical injuries, financial expenses, and personal losses associated with car wrecks often add up to expensive damages, all which could have been avoided if the negligent party had acted in a responsible way. If you sustained catastrophic injuries from a rear-end car accident in DuBois, you may have options for monetary recovery that experienced legal could help you obtain.

Getting in touch with a car crash attorney should be a priority for anyone hurt by another person’s recklessness or carelessness on the road. Call Marcus & Mack today for a free consultation.

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