Car Accidents Due to Bad Road Conditions in DuBois

Everyone knows that the colder months of the year can bring snow, ice, and other conditions that make driving on Pennsylvania roads more dangerous than normal. However, poor road conditions can cause or contribute to accidents at any time of year, especially if they arise from subpar maintenance or construction by governmental authorities responsible for keeping the road in good shape.

Car accidents due to bad road conditions in DuBois cause a number of serious injuries and substantial financial losses every single year. If you were hurt in an incident like this, talking to a knowledgeable DuBois car wreck attorney about your recovery options may be crucial to effectively protecting your future prospects and best interests.

Who Could Be Liable for a Wreck Caused by Poor Road Conditions?

In many cases, poor road conditions arise from a failure by municipal and/or state government agencies, or by a contractor hired by one of those agencies, to perform their jobs effectively. Dangerous conditions such as debris on driving surfaces, broken or missing guardrails, and depressions that allow water to pool and collect might serve as grounds for litigation if the particular hazard in question was the primary and direct cause of a car accident that led to someone suffering serious injuries.

In other situations, primary liability for a car crash due to poor road conditions in DuBois may lie with one or more of the drivers involved in the wreck. For example, even though icy roads can result in a substantial loss of traction for vehicles driving on them, motor vehicle drivers are not exempt from the standard duty of care they owe to everyone around them just because they are driving under suboptimal conditions. Drivers are expected to reduce their speed and drive in a manner commensurate with poor road conditions. A driver who fails to account for poor road conditions and causes a crash as a direct result could bear civil and financial liability for ensuing damages.

Evidence of Dangerous Roadways

In Dubois, no matter who specifically bears fault for an auto collision involving bad road conditions, it is essential for anyone who wants to seek financial recovery after such a wreck to have extensive and compelling evidence of exactly what caused his or her injuries. If they are able to do so in the immediate aftermath of a crash, injured parties should take photos or videos of the specific road condition that caused or contributed to the incident.

It can also be a good idea to speak with the responding police officer(s) about the hazard as well, so there is more than one record of its role in causing injury. An experienced lawyer could provide valuable assistance with compiling relevant information into a compelling case for compensation, as well as with collecting other forms of evidence like witness statements, surveillance and dashboard camera footage, and even physical debris from the accident scene.

A DuBois Attorney Could Help After a Car Accident Due to Bad Road Conditions

On top of watching out for other drivers and following traffic laws, motor vehicle operators in Pennsylvania also have a responsibility to maintain focus on the road ahead of them and keep an eye out for potential hazards in or around the roadway. However, that does not mean it is impossible to seek financial restitution after an accident caused by subpar road conditions, particularly if those conditions indicate a lack of care from state or local authorities.

Even if you were the only person involved in a car accident due to bad road conditions in DuBois, you may still have a cause of civil action that our team at Marcus & Mack could help you utilize. Call today to learn more.

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