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Roller coasters are typically the main attractions of an amusement park. When you or a loved one decides to go on one of these rides, you trust that the amusement park and the ride operators safely built and operate the rides responsibly. Unfortunately, there is always a small possibility that something could go wrong and result in an accident.

An accident on a roller coaster can be one of the most disastrous types of accidents and cause potentially deadly injuries due to the speed and height of these rides. If you or a loved one has experienced injury as a result of a roller coaster incident, it is important to have a skilled Altoona theme park accident attorney in your corner. An Altoona roller coaster accident lawyer could pursue compensation for your injuries and ensure that your rights are protected.

Common Injuries from Roller Coasters

The high speeds, quick turns, flips, and considerable heights of roller coasters can lead to different types of injuries that range in severity. Some of the possible injuries seen in roller coaster crashes include:

Due to the increased possibility of severe injuries or even death, it is essential to seek representation to assess a roller coaster accident case. A knowledgeable roller coaster crash attorney in Altoona could help you seek the proper treatment for your injuries and take the necessary legal steps toward pursuing damages.

What are the Main Causes of Injuries on Roller Coasters?

There are several potential causes of a roller coaster accident that range from the initial construction of the ride to its operation by an employee on a particular day. A park owner might cut costs by using cheaper materials when initially building a roller coaster or cut corners by failing to include specific safety protections.

Even if a roller coaster is constructed appropriately and safely, there might be issues with the maintenance of the coaster that could lead to an accident. One common maintenance issue is a failure to keep brakes in a safe and working condition to prevent collisions and hard stops.

Negligent operation of a roller coaster could also lead to an accident. Roller coasters can become dangerous if an operator is not adequately trained or supervised to operate the coaster safely.  This includes ensuring that seatbelts and restraints are properly fastened so as to prevent excessive movement.

Liability for a Roller Coaster Accident

To identify the liable parties in a roller coaster accident, it is necessary to determine the cause of the accident itself. The two most common types of liability for roller coaster accidents are negligence and product liability.


Negligence occurs when a party, usually the amusement park owner or business, breaches its duty of care by providing an unsafe environment to the roller coaster riders. A breach could occur because of a lack of attention or maintenance or a negligent operation or supervision of the roller coaster.

Under 42 P.S. §7102, an injured person may recover damages so long as his or her fault in the incident is not greater than the fault of the defendant. This is known as comparative negligence and allows the plaintiff to recover the percentage of total damages that are equivalent to the percentage of fault that the defendant holds for the accident.

Product Liability

Product liability may also apply to injuries sustained from a roller coaster accident. This type of claim relates to injuries that arise from the design of a roller coaster or a defective piece of equipment on the roller coaster.

A manufacturer may be liable for the defects in the roller coaster in a product liability case, especially if the defects would not be found upon inspection. An experienced Altoona lawyer could help determine which parties may be liable in a coaster crash case and further explain the impact of contributory negligence on recovering damages.  It is important to start the case promptly, as inspections of the ride and component parts may be necessary.

Call an Altoona Roller Coaster Accident Attorney for Help

A roller coaster accident presents a unique challenge for you or a loved one as an injured party. To hold the at-fault parties responsible, you may need to face large insurance companies and amusement park owners and manufacturers. An Altoona roller coaster accident lawyer could act as your legal advocate, fighting for your rights and pursuing fair compensation on your behalf. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a member of the seasoned Marcus & Mack legal team.

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